The World's First Blockchain-based
Smart Terminal Securities Platform

The CoinPOS trading nodes will be spread all over the world and
become the key link in the infrastructure construction of the entire blockchain financial market.


CoinPOS is dedicated to creating the world's first professional securities service platform for the blockchain industry. Cryptocurrency investors or manufacturer can sell the cryptocurrency or service to the end consumers through the smart terminal CoinPOS, and can reach thousands of times the number of users on the trading platform.

CoinPOS Ecosystem

The CoinPOS platform is mainly composed of CoinPOS device, the smart terminal, CPOS Wallet, the multicurrency digital wallet, and CPOS PASS, the NFC card.

CPOS Solution

It enables the users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through a POS device; pay peer-to-peer using mobile and digital wallet.
support multiple mobile payment
Support cryptocurrency payment for water and electricity bills
Off-line purchase
The outlook of the product is for reference only
CPOS Pass is the physical multi-currency wallet for purchase by cryptocurrency anytime anywhere.
Mobile payment API
Any API wallet can sell or buy with cryptocurrency by scanning the code.
Users can recharge by purchasing the cryptocurrency code

2 types of CPOS



3 kinds of CPOS Pass Cards

Black/Platinum/Golden Cards

2 types of CPOS is in development
three kinds of CPOS Pass for certain investors
black cards / platinum cards / golden cards

Mechanism of CoinPOS

The CoinPOS Platform is a securities management system that performs the full Point of Sale device function. Our reference implementation hardware will be used in deployment in convenience stores and retailers as well as individuals, and we will further distribute the platform through open source licensing and distribution of the SDKS and open APIs.

Cryptocurrency Exchange


Digital Wallet

Block Chain

Born for the ecosystem

CoinPOS is developed for the securities services by using blockchain.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Digital Wallet
ETH Block Chain